Kirimai Kirimai

Kirimai creates the taste by burr.

The “idea” changes the recipe.
Kirimai will open the gate for the new era.

The design of the burr
produces the taste.Dedicated burr

The “Burrs” change the taste significantly by their design and material.
Select the "Burr" to extract the potential of the bean.

Each pattern of the burr has a particular role.
They are classified into Outer blade, Inner blade, and Slashing blade.
Shape, angle, and other elements of each pattern affect the taste significantly.

Burr variation



Chaff separation creates a clear taste.Chaff separation

Chaff is known to contribute to bitterness and astringency.
Kirimai has an innovative feature
to remove chaff while grinding.

The amount of chaff removed
can be controlled by 5 levels
to bring out the potential of the beans.

Achieves consistent yieldDouble grinder

1st grinder will break the beans into larger pieces
2nd grinder achieves consistent yield at the set mesh size
This structure reduces the stress
and grinds consistent particle size.

1st grinderBreak the beans


2nd grinderGrind to set mesh size


「Barista‘s Voice」


Fascination of Kirimai A special interview by
a globally recognized barista
took part in development.

  • Yoshiharu SakamotoBarista Trainer / Coffee Consultant

  • Yoshikazu Iwase2014 & 2015 Japan Barista Champion / WBC 2016 2nd place

  • Berg Wu2016 World Barisata Champion


Together with barista champions,
we thoroughly researched and developed the usability.

  1. 1 Start button

    Not only to turn the grinder on and off,
    but the indicator will also display the machine's condition.

  2. 2 Mesh adjustment disc(50 scales)

    Studied and adopted an easy to grasp and operate design. Locking function to prevent displacement due to vibration.

  3. 3 Outlet

    Studied and developed a material that is less prone to static and a shape to minimize leftovers.
    Easy to remove and clean and prevents ground contamination.

  4. 4 Knocker handle

    It holds the powder container securely, allowing you to leave it while grinding.
    In addition, we studied the shape that is easy to put your fingers on.

  5. 5 Reverse rotation button

    Release the clogging of beans
    when the 1st grinder is clogged and does not operate.

  6. 6 Auto cleaning

    Automatically clean out the fines and chaff in the upper route.



Reduce daily load
Innovative maintainability

Easily removable2nd grinder unit

Removable single handly.Outlet.

Slide lock for smooth removal.Chaff box


Burr variation


Colour variation

Optional colour


  • Electricity consumption 130W


  • Voltage/Frequency 100V/50-60Hz


  • Hopper capacity 500g


  • Weight 14kg